Roy's Retreat is one of the awe-inspiring spots we visit on Beyond Argyle! As well as keeping alive the memory of Roy Walker, Argyle Station's last stockman, it is also the only soft release rehabilitation place for wallaroos & wallabies in the Kimberley!


Roy’s Retreat Inc. is an incorporated body, working in conjunction with the Kimberley Vet Centre in Kununurra. The main aim is to care for fauna and flora.


This is a statement from the amazing widowed Barbara Walker who lives at Roy's Retreat:


“To release wildlife back into the wild, it is important for us to have a safe and controlled place. Roy’s Retreat is just ideal for that. As the land within the leased area hasn’t been burnt for several years, we have an abundance of native animals living in this area.


For a long time, an aim of Roy’s Retreat has been to bring the Antilopine wallaroo back to the East Kimberley.


The current concern of the wildlife groups I’m involved with is the survival of the Antilopine wallaroo in the Kimberley. Historical data suggests the great decline of this species must have occurred over the past twenty years. We feel that this particular species is under threat due to habitat destruction, such as deliberately lit and uncontrolled bush fires.


From a Lottery west grant, a 1.5 acre enclosure will be established to help develop a breeding program for Antilopine wallaroos. The only difficulty is to get this particular species as there are not many around anymore.”

If you find a joey, please contact the Vet Centre Ph. (08) 9169 1229

or Roy’s Retreat Ph. (08) 9167 8891


Roy's Retreat has a charitable status - donations are very welcome. (PayPal:


For more on Roy's Retreat, visit their facebook page:

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